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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First Meetup! Come party at this new Science Cafe in Houston...get together over chips and salsa and drinks at Last Concert Cafe and talk about the Science and the Space Program..

Welcome to all the new members!

I recently confirmed Last Concert Cafe as our meetup venue... I reserved us for the second Tuesday of the month, starting at 8pm, so I'm planning to have the first meetup on April 13th
check out the blog for updates as well...looking forward to seeing you all!

Venue:Last Concert Cafe
I have an area reserved.. its a cool place downtown..trust me.
Time : April 13th 2010 8pm

Topic: First Meetup Introduction and Ideas, Space Science and the future of the space program as it affects us in Houston

General Format: Ideally, I'd like to have a brief speaker session, a brief arts interlude, and Q&A and discussion session...we can organize it further as it goes along.. I don't wan't to discuss politics or fringe science or marketing and business, so be warned.

check out Yuri's Night as well: http://yurisnighthouston.net/

Disclaimer: Any opinions on this site/meetup or from myself are entirely my own as a private citizen and do not imply any corporate or governmental endorsement. I am interested in promoting real science not discussing politics, religion (or UFOs or other fringe 'sciences')...so for example SETI is a welcome topic, but Alien Abductions are not! (I'm sure theres an alien abduction group y'all can join for that :)

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