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Sunday, March 7, 2010

First Post -Call for IDEAS and VENUES!

Attention all members and those interested! Welcome to the group and thanks for joining - I want to get off the ground running with some interesting ideas

We want to talk about:-
- Topic for the first meetup
- Venues
- Potential Speakers
- Organization
- Club Promotion

Art & Science: not strangers to one another!!
We want to have a public discussion with artists and scientists to discuss how
science and technology influence our lives

Artists examine, extract, and combine the images of objects made available through the use of scientific and technological research. The humanistic interpretation of the scientific research raises questions about truth and ideals. In this way, art may help us better grasp scientific concepts and their social, ethical, and political

To paraphrase Einstein " Science without a Human, artistic perspective is blind, and the Arts without Scientific Truth is lame"

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